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fluke ts 19 test set - telephone
Fluke Networks Networks TS19 Test Set with Banana Jacks to Alligator Clips
- Telephone test (19800003). details
fluke networks ts54 tdr test set
Fluke Networks TS54 TDR Test Set 4mm Banana Extra-large Alligator Clips Test Probe
- Telephone test set. details
fluke ts 30 test set - telephone
Fluke Networks Networks TS30 Test Set with Angled Bed-of-Nails Clips
- Telephone test (30800009). details
fluke ts 52 pro test set -
Fluke Networks Networks TS52 PRO Test Set with ABN/PP and RJ11 plug
- Telephone test (52801RJ9). details
troponin i blood
Troponin is the preferred test for a suspected heart attack because it is more specific for heart injury than any other test. The troponin test is used to help diagnose a heart attack, detect and evaluate mild to severe heart. details
api saltwater master test
API Saltwater Master Test Kit maintaining good water quality is the key to successful fishkeeping. With the API Saltwater Master Test Kit you can test the most important conditions in your marine aquarium. Plus, this kit includes step-by-step instructions on how to perform each test, how to interpret the results, and how to correct unsafe water conditions. Contains one (1) API SALTWATER MASTER TEST KIT 550-Test Saltwater Aquarium Water Test Kit, including 6 bottles of testing solution, 1 color card and 4 glass test tubes with cap Measures levels of high range pH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate Helps monitor and adjust pH and prevent invisible water probl [...]. details
api freshwater master test
API Freshwater Master Test Kit a complete test kit for testing tap and aquarium water. Tests five different potentially dangerous water conditions. Water Test Kit for Freshwater Aquariums Tests: pH, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and high range pH Includes: computer-analyzed laminated color cards, instruction booklet, 4 test tubes, a holding tray and test tube rack. Over 800 tests per kit The Freshwater master test kit is a fast, easy, and accurate test kit. It provides information on how to perform each test, how often to perform the tests, what the test results mean, and how to correct any unsafe water conditions that may be detected. The kit is complete [...]. details
aspirinworks urine
Until recently, there was no quick, accurate, or effective way to test for aspirin effect. Now, with the AspirinWorks Test, you can be sure your aspirin is working. details
neuron specific enolase nse blood
Neuron-specific enolase (NSE) is an isoenzyme that has been detected in people with certain tumors. InstructionsFasting is not required for this test. Take all medications as prescribed. NoteNSE is not a screening test, it is a useful adjunct. details
estradiol sensitive blood
The sensitive estradiol test uses a liquid chromatographymass spectrometry (LC-MS) methodology which allows better detection at the lower limits of the range compared to regular immunoassay estradiol test. details
c peptide blood
C-peptide is used to monitor insulin production and kidney function. The test is not used to diagnose diabetes. Instead, it is used to determine how much insulin a persons pancreas is still producing. Sometimes a C-peptide test may be used. details
succeed equine fecal blood
The Succeed® Equine Fecal Blood Test™ will tell you in about ten minutes if your horse has a digestive tract condition. Proprietary SmartSignal Technology in the SUCCEED® FBT detects occult blood-minute amounts of blood undectable to the naked eye-in the horse's manure as a sign of digestive tract ailments, including ulcers. Contents: Contains one complete SUCCEED® equine fecal occult blood test, including: 1 clea plastic container 1 dual trest cassette contains both an albumin test (Test A) and a hemoglobin test (Test H) 1 disposable sample pipette 1 polyethylene glove 1 instruction sheet 1 desiccant pouch (for moisture) Intended Use The SUCCEED [...]. details
deoxypyridinoline dpd cross link
The deoxypyridinoline (DPD) urine test can be used to measure bone re-absorption rates in healthy individuals and in those with enhanced risk of developing metabolic bone diseases. details
fibrinogen activity blood
The fibrinogen test is used to detect suspected bleeding disorders or abnormal blood clotting. Traditionally this test is used to identify congenital (genetic) problems called afibrinogenemia, disseminated intravascular coagulation, or elevated fibrinolytic activity. Life Extension has identified fibrinogen as an. details
glucose tolerance test 4 specimens
A blood glucose test measures the amount of a type of sugar, called glucose, in your blood. Glucose comes from eating carbohydrates in food and is the main source of energy used by the body. Normally, your blood glucose levels. details
microsoft visual studio test
Microsoft Visual Studio Test Professional with MSDN
- License & software assurance
- 1 user
- MOLP: Open Business 500+
- level C
- Win
- All Languages. details
hcg beta subunit quantitative
This test is used as a tumor marker for certain cancers. It is used to evaluate and monitor male individuals with testicular tumors. details
witness felv feline leukemia
. details
antinuclear antibody ana blood
This test detects antibodies to nuclear antigens. It is ordered to help screen for autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma and Sjgrens syndrome. details
planer board
Made of strong braided Dacron and comes in a highly visible fluorescent orange color. Available in 130b. test for normal use and 200b. test for heavier use. details
netscout linkrunner network test
NetScout LinkRunner Network Test Kit
- 2.8 LCD RJ45 USB SFP 10/100/1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet
- LRAT-2000-KIT. details
candida antibodies qualitative
This test is used to detect systemic candidiasis. Candida normally occurs in the mouth, vagina, or gastrointestinal tract. details
lactate dehydrogenase ld
This test measures the relative percentage of isoenzymes (LD1-5). details
test tubes wall art by halfpence
Pretty little test tubes, all in a row. What in the world could be in them? Your budding scientist could imagine a million different concoctions. details
canine and feline pregnancy test
Is your cat or dog pregnant?? Find out quickly and easily with the Canine and Feline Pregnancy Test Kit from Witness Relaxin. This cat and dog pregnancy test detects the level of the hormone relaxin in your pet's bloodstream to quickly tell you if your pet is pregnant. The presence of large amounts of relaxin is a reliable early indicator of pregnancy. This pregnancy detection kit can be used early on (as early as 22 days of gestation) for detection of unplanned pregnancy, false pregnancy, or diagnose fetal resorption or spontaneous abortion. All it requires is a small blood sample, and results are nearly instantaneous. The pregnancy test contains 5 tests [...]. details
witness lh caninefeline ovulation
. details
interleukin 8 il8 blood
This test is used to identify elevated levels of interleukin 8 (IL-8). Life Extension believes that chronic inflammation which is modulated by cytokines such as IL-8, is the common denominator of all age-related disease. details
interleukin 6 il6 blood
This test is used to identify elevated levels of interleukin 6 (IL-6). Life Extension believes that chronic inflammation which is modulated by cytokines such as IL-6, is the common denominator of all age-related disease. details
interleukin 1b il1b blood
This test is used to identify elevated levels of interleukin-1 beta(IL-1). Life Extension believes that chronic inflammation which is modulated by cytokines such as IL-1, is the common denominator of all age-related disease. details
nmr lipoprofile blood
Using state of the art technology known as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, the NMR LipoProfile is an advanced cholesterol test used to identify people at risk for lipid-related coronary heart disease (CHD). details

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