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wool rug marmalade cats 2x5
Marmalade tabbies appear as optical illusions on a beautiful accent rug. Depicted in hand-loomed wool, the cats seem to climb a staircase. The rug is a creation of the Curi Brothers, who work on a traditional loom. details
purr-fectly playful sculpture with
To a pair of curious kitties, a garden is the purr-fect make-believe jungle to explore! Now, light up any room with the antics of adorable tabbies with this Purr-fectly Playful Sculpture, exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Standing over 16 inches high and featuring genuine art glass shades, this limited-edition, handcrafted torchiere is a pure delight, from its sweet kitten sculpture to the elegant tulip lights cleverly held in place by sculpted leaves and stems. This illuminated sculpture's inspired design is a visual treat from every angle. The sculptural kitten base is hand-cast in artist's resin and hand-painted to capture the soft look of the [...]. details
blake jensen home is where my cats
Cats seem to rule the roost! They roam around as if everything belongs to them, overtaking even the most comfy seat in the house. Now, you can give tribute to those soft and furry little creatures that stake claim to your best furniture with the charming Home Is Where My Cats Are Figurine, a limited-edition first-ever collectible figurine, exclusively from The Hamilton Collection. Designed by acclaimed artist Blake Jensen, who has been happily owned by more than a few cats in his lifetime, this adorable cat figurine is handcrafted by Master Craftsmen, meticulously hand-painted and features a dozen cute-as-can-be kitties hanging out around the couch
- st [...]. details