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river in reflections
Fed by thawing ice from the southern Peruvian Andes, a river flows across a highland plain. Clouds repeat themselves on the broad expanse of water, their billowing beauty vague in the swelling current. From a vantage point high above, Leandro Mantesso turns a creative lens toward nature's awesome vistas. Black and white photograph printed on pearly Ilford paper; titled Rio em Reflxos in Portuguese. details
llamas in macchu picchu
Grazing on mountain plateaus, llamas inhabit a wondrous world of ancient mystery. Leandro Mantesso explores the stunning architecture at Macchu Picchu. The stately animals seem at home in this lost city of the Inca high in the Peruvian sierra. Their presence confers an air of pastoral peace on a handsome composition. Black and white photograph printed on pearly Ilford paper, titled Lhams em Macchu Picchu in Portuguese. details
uyuni salt lake
Barren mountains slope toward a sparkling expanse of white, their rugged slopes revealing an eerie beauty. Cactus covers the dry hillside like lonely sentinels. Leandro Mantesso turns his lens to the Salar de Uyuni, one of the world's largest salt lakes. Covered with a layer of dried salt, the lake reflects the dazzling sunlight in the thin, chill air of its mountain setting. Mantesso captures this surreal landscape from a vantage point atop Isla Pescado. Black and white photograph printed on pearly Ilford paper; titled Salar de Uyuni in Portuguese. details

Situated in Sofala, this bed & breakfast is 10.2 mi (16.3 km) from Kurremi Garden Railway and within 25 mi (40 km) of Wiruna Dark Sky Observing Site and Hill End Historic Site. Mount Ilford Vineyard and Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum are also within 32 mi (52 km). details