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danmini ya-300-gsm gsm sms
Take a look at thistrustworthy guard for public and personal security
- our DANMINI YA-300-GSM GSM Alarm Systemwhich you can rely on. The GSM alarm system comes with4 wired and6 wireless defense zones (can be extended to 60 sectors) as well as a clear LCD screen with time clock display. It supports various kinds of functions which include voice prompt for all operations, 6 sets of phone numbers & 3 sets of SMS numbers storage, wireless alarm, etc. details
danmini wf-doorbell-i wifi video
The Danmini WF-Doorbell-I WiFi Video Doorbell with Remote Control Unlock is a great way to see who´s at the door before you answer him. Made with WiFi technology, it is easy to install without the hassle of running wires. The 1.0MP, 140-degree ultra wide-angle camera with built-in IR-CUT and night vision allows you to see crisp, clear images on the cellphone or tablet screen via exclusive app and WiFi connection at any time, anywhere. Moreover, you will love the convenience of the 2-way audio and video chat. In this way, you can carry on a conversation through the intercom. details
danmini a6 24 tft color password
Employing the most advanced fingerprint reckoning, this Danmini 2.4 TFT Screen Free-software Power-saving Fingerprint Sensor Attendance Machine could remarkably identity whatever fingerprint even it varies according to various conditions. With intelligent fingerprint collector, it also features excellent power management, so as to make it a low-consumption good. Moreover, 2.4-inch TFT colored screen is quite easy and clear to see. This machine supports free-software operation. Simply edit associated personnel information on this machine and it will finally output relevant attendance statement. details
danmini ya-302b wireless voice
The Danmini YA-302B Wireless Voice Prompt Siren Flashing Light Alarm adopts the latest wireless technology to avoid the hassle of running wires. It features an all-in-one design that perfectly integrates voice prompt, siren and flashing light alert. The learning frequency of the alarm is 433MHz 315MHz, makes it capable of working with various detectors encoded with 1527, 2262 and more. Install the detectors in the defense zone, the detectors will send digital encoded alarm signal once the thief enters the zone, then the main panel will alert you with human voice, siren and flashing light. With built-in voice navigator and prompt, it can also be used as [...]. details
danmini home alarmanlagen gsm
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